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“Very helpful and professional lady serving today. She gave me advice about sending a parcel to the USA. She didn't push me into buying anything. I feel its important to get tracking and insurance as it was going a long way and being processed by lots of people.Thanks again for your help.”

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“This is the shops that i get normal items from like,Picked onion chips.Doctor pepper cans for Hairy Harry.Broken biscuits.Washing up liquid for my mom.Tins of bake beans.Tinfoil for the cats in the garden to play with.And sometimes i get other things like,New papers if i go at the weekend.Corn on the cob if i stay over at my friends house Xbox Dave.Little sausages to share with the dog (Ruffles) if he not feeling well.And some other times l buy things i dont want or need so that the government cant track me or make spending algorithm on what to sell me, too sell me things i dont want just to waste my money and time.”

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“Found off of the roundabout.Fuel station next door.Plenty of parking.Inside there's a massive clothes section..You also have aPharmacyVision expressDeliBakery.It's a massive store, although gets busy at the weekends.The check out process was fast and efficient despite being a Saturday afternoon.Self serve check outs as well as human operated tills... !There's a photo boothAlso a Costa coffee and a seating area.Good shopping experience, I cannot fault this store !!”

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“This store has a wide range of products to suit all budgets and they have very friendly staff who are happy to help you if you can't find what you are looking for”

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“Since I’ve moved to the area this has been my number one stop for all the bits I need for the house. It’s conveniently located with parking round the corner and a good selection of food bread milk etc. sometimes I don’t get enough time to go to the big supermarkets and to be honest this is closer and competitively priced. They also had a good selection of vapes and alcohol so I haven’t had to spend hours looking down the aisles at the Tesco. Overall I can get most from things ticked off and even drop off my ASOS parcels while checking the lottery numbers. The staff are always quick and friendly so nothing less than 5 stars.”

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“Its ok for a convenience store. A little more expensive than the big tescos, and the staff are mostly good. Apart from a couple who tell u their life story, or make comments on what u buy. It is handy to have though xx”

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“Staff helpful. Has cash machine at the side of building. Checkout is slow but that's because staff chat with customers. Was offered a bag and said no but was still given one and charged. Did see reduced items that should be refrigerated in a trolly by the tills and they was still not a bargain. Could do with a rethink about shifting reduced food items was a big on a concern seeing meat in a trolly reduced and not refrigerated. Might be a good idea to have that stuff in the fridge. The shop is not the cheapest but is handy. But I would recommend staff take a food hygiene course as was shocked at un refrigerated meat reduced. Could do with good deep clean and dead plants outside binned.”

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“I went there on a Monday evening and I wasn't aware of some products in the store so I asked a lovely lady who wasn't sure but still went and checked and eventually I got my £12 meal deal for 2 large pizza's, 2 dips and 2 sides.”

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“Good co-op, lovely friendly staff. In general lots of good products available. Wish they had a little more free-from stuff available as this is always a struggle to find. (Particularly breads etc. that are both gluten free and apple & legume free).”

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“Generally speaking, this is a good little store. Occasionally it runs out of stuff - like cream - but mostly it's very convenient. Most of the staff are friendly and helpful, but not all. Today I visited and both serveries had 'not in use' signs but in one the sign was down so that's where I placed my items. When the server came she told me that that till was not in use so I had to move my items. Had I had a lot of stuff I think I would have refusedI made a second visit. As I approached the counter the server left and walked down an aisle and began talking to a colleague who was packing shelves. She looked in my direction but carried on talking, knowing I was waiting. Eventually I decided to go to the aisle where the packer was and asked if I could pay. She looked a bit annoyed but came and apologised that she hadn't seen me. I said I understood. I later decided that she'd probably been annoyed because her colleague was supposed to be serving.Some people need to appreciate that it's the customers who are paying their wages!”

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“Unfortunately one of my dogs escaped. Made his way to the co-op. They recognised him, called me, kept him safe and even gave him a bone to keep him happy till I arrived. Though they did laugh at me when I turned up in my dressing gown and slippers haha. Brilliant staff always. Can't fault this shop”

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“Seen there has been new staff you can really see a difference in the store. There is much more of nicer atmosphere, the store looks a alot nicer and it feel more welcoming.”

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“I have found the Broughton Co-op to always be friendly and helpful, and they do everything they can to help customers. Do not be put off by a few negative reviews because people tend to post reviews when they're not satisfied. Satisfied dont tend to post reviews.As regards the post office service, the shop is also a Sub Post Office. But there are many staff. Not everyone, especially new people, will be fully familiar with how it works. I can post a parcel anytime between 7am and 10pm, and I call that a good service. Feel happy :)”

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“Well stocked m+s decent selection of wines and food nice coffee hot snacks at the wild bean cafe section good range of soft drink and sweets plus bp fuels and friendly staff”

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“One Stop is a good place to go especially if you fancy a Subway or use the Post Office there. It also has a Costa Coffee Express Machine there is you like a hot drink”

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“Good deals and friendly staff.Easy quick shop every time.Always found multiple parking spaces right in front of the shop. Can't fault this shop.Love the meal deals and the ice blast machines.Recommend.”

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