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“Nightmare getting a trolley out. Not much cheaper than asda. Not worth the bother as the store is so small they sont have a good selection. Came away with only 3/4 of my shopping list.”

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“I like tesco to shop, nice variety of items. I love the club card and being able to have money off at times. I will say, the home delivery pickers don't like to move out your way, just leave their trolley in your way and walk off. I don't like the fact that during lockdown and social distancing, the pickers just walked right up to you..envading personal space. Usually have plenty of space in an aisle. The self scan makes it a little quicker. Sometimes on busy days they could do with having more checkout staff on. Over all I do like tesco.\\n\\nAnother note.. my partners car was damaged a couple of years ago when parked in child section, he went to security to ask for any footage and they said they do not record.. so that's pointless. So it definitely is park at your own risk..”

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“I had my long hair cut today, am very pleased with cut and the restyle, thank you Carole for a wonderful new hairstyle am loving it feels and looks great. I will definitely be back XXX”

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“A little pricey but there's always good fresh meat and produce, a good selection of tinned foods, household goods, breads and drinks. The staff are also very friendly and keen to help wherever possible!”

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“Great place for a day out with the family, if you like chilled goods, a small frozen selection and some fresh sandwiches I couldn't think of a better place!The kids had a great day stacking shelves when no-one was looking and the wife spent most of the day in the bread isle.10/10 would like to spend a long weekend next time.”

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“This is a nice Twaco Express in Corby that always delivers to our house when need need a whoosh delivery. Always been happy with their service and it's well-priced too given it is a convenience store. I like that I can earn clubcard points and let them stack up just in time for Christmas!”

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“Morrisons Daily used to be a McColls that is situated in Greenhill Rise in Corby. It's a good local shop that satisfies the local community's needs. I've found this to be sufficient for the small top-up shops. Still, I have found the prices to be a bit expensive, obviously, with Morrisons taking over, I would have thought the prices would be lowered but I have noticed things like milk and butter are now double if not triple the price I can get online.There is a post office inside that shares the same staff as Morrisons and I feel they are incredibly understaffed, there is a member of staff who tends to do only the post office and she always seems to be flustered and frustrated with the queue and I would be too, the store is not designed for the number of customers they get and the shop does try to use every space of flooring to fill with bulky products and this means that for those who have to queue for the post office, it's in everyone's way. Also when it comes to collecting my parcels there is always a bit of a wait as the staff try to comb through every parcel. I feel there needs to be better organisation especially if they continue to provide post office services.”

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“We visited M&S Simply Food in Corby for a few things and I was impressed with what they had on offer. it's not accessible in terms of pricing for me to feel comfortable coming here for a weekly shop but certainly, for that little luxury we all deserve, I would recommend coming here. We used the self-checkouts without any issues and I was impressed with the service I was given when I needed to find a specific product. I thought the place was bright and clean and the staff put a lot of pride in this shop and it showed.”

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“Great to have an independent store in this area. McColls had a monopoly on Beanfield shops, this has now thankfully changed. This store offers sensible prices for basic products. Great selection and the staff always speak or say hello. Lady behind counter is always singing along with radio. Great local shop. Good luck guys!I totally disagree with bad comments left for this shop. If you want to pay premium prices at McColls for the same or less go ahead.”

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“WHAT A PLACE! i came to visit family this weekend and they order from here every week. I live in derby and it was the first time i tried food from here after the family recommended it. I can honestly Say this was the best Chinese I've had in my 40 years of life. The salt and chilli chicken balls and chips were out of this world! The rest of the food was amazing too but i will take home the super taste of them chips and balls!!”

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“A very handy convenience store. The staff are friendly and helpful and most things that people want if they run out of the basics are stocked.I say use it or lose it.”

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“A good shop with plenty choices.Long opening timesOnly down side is staff turn over which is massive, almost different staff on a weekly basis, with only 2 maybe 3 staff that have been there long term.”

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“Beats Rafferty's and hands down best chips in corby. Lovely owner who respects his customers . Will be back and bringing lots of loyal Rafferty's customers with me”

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