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“Lovely people run this shop they are always very kind and smiling, staff have got to know the regulars very well and it’s absolutely lovely when they show a genuine interest when the staff ask how you are.”

4.4Superb34 Reviews

“I go to this coop twice a week and because I’m disabled I never have had such great response from the work force at this supermarket every time I arrive on my mobility scooter the boys or girls have a trolly ready for me and pack my shopping and always carry to my scooter without seeming any problem to help me ! It means such a lot to me every time and Callum 7458 , is a good boy he helps me a lot , the five girls and the lads are just as helpful too.”

4.7Superb6 Reviews

“This place is within convenient walking distance for me. Whenever I have been there, the shelves are stocked & I have had good, friendly service.The only drawback is that there is no car park, just a few parking slots on the road. This sometimes leads to congestion as the shop is located between a roundabout and a junction.”

4.1Good23 Reviews

“Under new ownership. The new owners have done an amazing job restocking the shop. So helpful and friendly. Always happy to help with a very big smile. Please support our small local post office and shop.Once again excellent service. I can't thank you enough for helping me out each month.”

4.1Good23 Reviews

“Don't like the new layout, no proper checkouts, it makes it awkward when using a trolley to shop, you have to unpack your trolley and hand it to the staff and then try to pack it up at the same time, que was long only one till open, staff member spent more time talking into his headset and scanning too quick, it made me get flustered.Good range of stock and clean, but staff/lack of staff not good”

4Good27 Reviews

“Never a huge queue. Add or minus a star if you like crisp bargain temptation, as they line the entrance! That aside, an above average set up where you aren't hemmed in shuffling about the greetings card browsers.”

4.2Good6 Reviews

“I was a little bit concerned about couple of the customers which were the like big looking guys, ended up panic buying ?? sorry they also have really nice items in their store. Sorry bout the mechanics”

3.9Good21 Reviews

“Tesco express so generally three star (neither great or tragic) but one more as it's the closest to the beach for chilled beer. Iceland for ice-cream (even closer) here for - socially responsible please! - beer & wine.”

3.2Average24 Reviews

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