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“I want to say a massive thank you to Sarah, who was on duty yesterday (Thursday the 3rd around 11 am), for such amazing customer service! Also, I have to add that the manager on duty was very helpful and found a solution for my little issue quite quickly! Thank you guys for being so professional, going the extra mile, and still providing excellent service with a smile :) PS My friend loved the champagne :)”

4.7Superb38 Reviews

“Recently bought an air fryer and was served by Sam S who was very helpful! She greeted me as i walked in and helped me with any questions i had. Really welcoming shop with warm cheerful people. Thank you sam!”

4.5Superb32 Reviews

“Considering the situation the world is in currently this store is taking it by the hand and steering it in the right direction. The workers at hand supported us and showed us where all our food is and recommended us the best source of food around. The place is amazingly laid out for covid-19 precautions and everything is all round a amazing shopping experience!”

4.3Superb40 Reviews

“This is my Favourite Co~op the staff are Lovely & are always available to assist You Joe is helpful also I’m Happy that they are Now Selling my Favourite Mango ice~Cream (Check Photo’s) thanx”

4.7Superb15 Reviews

“Lovely staff - has all you need for when you cant make it to one of the bigger supermarkets. Good selection of Bakery items. Like all Co-ops slightly more expensive but its going to local farmers rather than big conglomerates so thats ok. Once knocked a 6 pack of beer and they exploded everywhere and unlike some shops i have been in where the staff would be licking the ground to cure their hangover - they calmly secured the area so no kids or elderly would step on glass and didnt charge me”

4.2Good37 Reviews

“I want to recommend Abike Sagna who works in this store. He went out of his way to go above and beyond, he helped without being asked and made my experience in the shop excellent - phenomenal customer service, a credit to the M&S brand. Thank you Abike.”

4.2Good19 Reviews
4.1Good22 Reviews

“Consistently best atmosphere and staff out of all the co-ops in the area. Good speedy service. Parking always full no matter how many people in the shops. Best to park on the main road or walk.”

4Good24 Reviews

“Good shop for daily products. Centrally located. Well organized. Product display is well done. Confectionery products, dairy products, hot and soft drinks, beer and alcoholic drinks, snacks fruits, cosmetics are available... Reasonably priced.”

3.9Good30 Reviews

“I've been shopping in your store for over 10 years. Your staff are totally amazing. I'm a retail Manager and have to say they are a total credit to you. Gideon and Myles are two of my favorites. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to help. They make my shopping experience easy, fun and friendly. I've heard Gideon speak his home language to help customers. Italian... something I do also in my home town. I truly hope you appreciate their worth and reward their hard work. You have an amazing team. ?”

3.9Good30 Reviews

“Love this little store. It has everything you need food and drink wise. Also has a Post Office inside so yes very recomendeble. Situated on the main Rd of Spencers Wood.”

4.4Superb7 Reviews

“This shop known under the name of ONE STOP CONVENIENCE STORE, is the place where I come to pay my bills for electricity, gas and water. The shop has a special electronic payment system known as PayPoint where payments of household bills such as electricity, gas and water are processed without any service charge, in effect a customer only pays the cost of the household bill only. This shop sells alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, magazines, newspapers as well as food snacks of different types and soft drinks. I have bought mobile phone sim cards and mobile phone top up vouchers from here in the past. This convenient store provides a good service. I do not really come to this shop very often but everytime I arrive, the members of staff provides me with a fast and efficient service.”

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“Very helpful staff who are always friendly. The owner is really nice and even helped me jump start my car when the battery died outside the store many years ago!Products are generally well priced and although not the greatest range, I can usually get the convenience items I need here.Having the post office on site is also really handy and the staff who run it have a really good knowledge of the postal system including sending items abroad, which I found really helpful when my daughter moved to Spain post Brexit.”

4.8Superb4 Reviews

“This co-op is amazing, staff are so friendly and helpful. As a Community staff nurse working in the area during this horrible time, the staff have gone out of their way to assist in any way they can and they always have a smile on their face.Highly recommend!!!”

5Superb3 Reviews
5Superb3 Reviews

“Great. Customer service I received today from a young guy, at the till Mico.He showed an exceptional customer service, patient, and with all the struggle time he gets to serve me; he kept smiling and said not to worry. Thanks Mico for all your support to sort my struggle. You showed the exact meaning to be a great customer services staff.”

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“Good alternative to Waitrose when you know what you need and need it quick. Obvious good discounts with Clubcard. Not the biggest range but hey, its a smaller shop. Staff not always in attendance at tills but come quick when needed. Overall everything you need.”

3.8Good22 Reviews

“Staff are always friendly and one of the cheaper stations in the area. Also useful that the right hand turns entry and exit have a partition between two busy lanes to make the turns easier.”

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“I have been using this shop for many many years. On the plus side there is a car park and disabled parking but the prices have been going up a lot for about 3 years.”

3.7Good39 Reviews

“Went to do weekend shopping at a shop I hadn't used befor lots of varied things to choose from vegetables .meats .Tins frozen foods.and pet foods.and magazines and books.”

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“Left something at the till...... Alfie was amazing from the moment I rang to the moment I picked the item up later on in the day!!!! A credit to your store thank you very much chap!!!!!”

3.7Good29 Reviews

“A very convenient and centrally located fuel filling facility with a mini market that usually has bargains almost every day. The free cash machine is on site with a small car park for the customers.”

3.7Good28 Reviews

“Great staff, can always have a laugh & chat with them, prices are fair & reasonable, always given great customer service. Owner is very friendly as well!”

3.7Good27 Reviews

“Good cheap prices and a great range of products, shop is much larger than you would expect and offers great fresh meat at the butchers counter, fresh veg and a huge range of intenational foods”

3.8Good12 Reviews

“Logan and his wife are lovely! And so is the really nice blonde lady who works there too. I’ve always received amazing customer service and they have a great range of products ♥️”

3.8Good10 Reviews

“How would this village manage in such difficult times without the help and courtesy of Mr Kumar and his staff? They go the extra mile to help those who are elderly, infirm or shielding. Thank you for helping us through it all.”

4Good5 Reviews

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