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“Aldi is a popular discount grocery store chain that offers a range of products at affordable prices. The store in Aberdeen is well-stocked and well-maintained, making it a great destination for anyone looking to do some grocery shopping in the area.One of the highlights of shopping at Aldi is the variety of products on offer. The store offers a range of fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and bakery items, as well as a great selection of frozen and canned goods. The store also carries a variety of specialty items, such as organic and gluten-free products, at competitive prices.In addition to the food items, Aldi also offers a variety of household and personal care products, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and pet food. The store also carries seasonal items, such as holiday decorations and gardening supplies.One of the main benefits of shopping at Aldi is the low prices. The store offers great deals on a variety of products, and the prices are often lower than those at other grocery stores in the area. This makes Aldi a great destination for anyone looking to save money on their grocery bills.Overall, Aldi in Aberdeen is a fantastic grocery store that offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. The store is well-stocked, well-maintained, and the staff members are friendly and helpful. Whether you're doing your weekly grocery shop or just need to pick up a few items, Aldi is definitely worth a visit.”

4.4Superb46 Reviews

“The service was vg. I waited hardly any time at the checkout.I think it's OK that Christmas trees, etc., are on sale now but was a bit put off by Christmas songs being played in Nov!Also, I couldn't find any spray polish in the store :(”

4.4Superb42 Reviews

“M and s simply food is a fantastic store. The choice and selection of goods was superb. Everything was super fresh. The store smelt of lovely fresh bakery.Found fresh meats and produce I can't find anywhere else.Some good offers on. If you shop carefully the prices are not too bad. Though some are dearer..which one expects from M an S. But you get what you pay for.And the fresh food keeps for ages too.Thoroughly recommend ?”

4.1Good21 Reviews

“I would like to thankyou and say what a great job you are all doing during these difficult times. Your colleagues are always so happy and helpful, especially the young lady directing people to the tills at 16.30 today, I think she is the person who was giving away hot cross buns at the entrance last week.”

3.7Good29 Reviews

“Had a short camping trip at Royal Cornwall grounds. Was looking for a coffee and came up unexpectedly to M&S cafe deli. Pretty good coffee with good deals on danishes/donuts. If you are at the said camp site it's a 10min walk along a clear park. Definitely would use again”

2.4Poor15 Reviews

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