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“Co op is a great shop.Has lots of great food, bakery , carry out coffee, full news paper and magazines, also usually has some reduced items during the day to help decide what's for dinner ??If you like bargains they alsi reduce daily items from 6pm evey night.I love there plastic carrying bags ( if you have forgotten your own) they are green compost bags, great for environment ?.You can pay for you gas, mobile phone and some bills at the counter and ask for cash withdrawal, even though there is a cash machine out side.There is a Gordons Chemist next door for a quick look around too.”

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“A small, busy filling station. I haven't asked, but I think it's an independent and not part of a bigger group. The reason why I think this is that they don't take fuel cards or BP reward card, but I could be wrong. Staff have always been friendly and welcoming. The shop has a very good range of products if you need to pick up your dinner on the way home. I haven't looked to see if they do gas,coal or anything like that, so I'm not sure if they have them”

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“Great shop. Serves food such as wraps and sandwiches but also a great Sunday dinner. Does hot food too. Also sells small and large dinners at the fridges which is really good if you're in a hurry and various pre-prepared foods. Has a Costa coffee machine as well. Sells ice cream by the scoop, soft serve, and frozen drinks. Sometimes can get things in here that the Spar doesn't stock.”

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“Small spar which doesn’t feel as modern as some of the other stores in Lisburn. There are laundry machines and coal outside but doesn’t have extra facilities such as hot food or coffee dock etc.That being said, the staff are very friendly which you don’t get in other stores so a thumbs up from me ?”

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“All spars have a great range of products,this was no different.always a section of reduced stuff.choclate bars £1 essential nourishment.Beautiful flower bouquets reasonably pricedEven compost for the spring gardening”

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“Great store with great staff, friendly and always there to help if you can't find what you need, good range of produce and nice clean shop, handy as its close by and open late most nights ?”

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“Been asking for 3 months to stock an item and has never appeared. Very nice staff though. The biggest issue is they aren’t on the tills half the time and there’s a queue all the way to the back of the shop. A 2 minute shop becomes a 10 minute shop.Update - Spar actually contacted me about this and have immediately put the item in stock which is great as I use it about 3 times a week.Very pleased and impressed they have reacted like this. Thank you.”

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“Was in the store today and was in a hurry, I reached the til and had forgotten an item, the lovely Holly offered to go get it from the store for me and was quick as a flash to, great to see old school customer service isn't dead and all with a smile albeit behind a mask ?Thanks Holly ?”

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“Great filling station and staff are great to. Temple is a very special area to live in and the people are to. So proud to be back where all my relatives are from. The new car wash is brilliant a d a good selection of cooked or cold food. Support your local shops always.”

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“The name "Tesco Express" is quite appropriate for this mini Bow Street Store. Supplying most household shopping requirements found in the bigger versions of this Supermarket chain, including a lottery terminal and Banklink. Long opening hours and especially handy for "emergency needs" all day Sunday.”

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“Fairly large Spar store on Longstone Street much used by the surrounding densely populated area. Comprehensive daily essentials family shopping, in-store Post Office and nearby spacious carpark with Banklink.”

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“Great parking & shopping. Very helpful staff. & there's a cafe. Hungry vegetarians can have avo on toast, (with tomato) no dressing or seasoning or tomato soup - everything else seems to be pig or chicken. A couple of vegetarian and vegan options would be nice - after all, the shop is very conscientious about this & I don't feel like an afterthought when shopping”

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“Large shop with butchers, bakery section, post office and Mauds ice cream, as well as your usual grocery items. Nice range of plants outside along with coal, an ATM and toilets.”

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“First visit since the re-opening... Now larger and brighter but the food and service is just as good with an varied menu choice. Had to queue even on a mid week lunch time but it was worth the wait.”

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“Good selection of food, snacks and services. However, IT'S NOT 24 HOURS!!!! Visited it last Saturday 14th December 2019 at 4am, it was closed. It says at the door Open from 6am to Midnight. Have sent the picture of the time to Google maps here, but they haven't updated it yet.”

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