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“Love coming to this store. Bakery is always so fresh I want to try everything. Store is always clean and tidy and staff always smiling and friendly. Member of the staff helped me to my car with a large parasol and wished me a happy back holiday :-).”

4.2Good65 Reviews

“Great deals and additionally I was given lots of information by a kind young guy at the end till , letting me know about the delivery service etc. I didnt get his name but fabulous customer service :-)”

4.5Superb24 Reviews

“Every time I visit this place I always look out for the Carribbean lady on the till, she is always happy and willing to make conversation, lovely lady, the rest of the staff should take heed ?”

4.2Good43 Reviews

“For a small store, it is very good. The staff are friendly and welcoming, especially the till staff. They remember you and ask 'how's things' and show interest in what you have to say.”

4Good81 Reviews

“I love Aldi. So much better than Lidl and definitely on par with all the others when it comes to range of products and quality, but when it comes to value for money none of the so called big supermarkets can compete. On a two week shop I save between £20 and £30 buying everything from Aldi than if I'd gone to Morrisons like I used to. There are a few things that Aldi's range doesn't match with but they are few and far between. For that reason alone I've been shopping with Aldi since the beginning of the cost of living crisis and I don't think I'm gonna stop.Carry on doing what you are doing because it's absolutely tip top ?????”

4Good68 Reviews

“Local shop just perfect if you run out of items before big shop. Conveniently placed in centre of village. Fresh bread, rolls & cakes Varied selection of alcohol, many kept at fridge temperature.Dependant on shopping needs could be used for weekly shop.”

4.1Good20 Reviews

“M&S foodhall, which includes a popular cafe as well.Parking outside is plenty as it's on a retail park.Open late until 8pm.Easy to manoeuvre around inside.Wide Isles.A toilet at the back.Fresh bakery..Self and served checkouts.Many nice selections of luxury, including fresh, frozen and alcohol.”

3.9Good52 Reviews

“Today the girls in Wollaston coop treated my mum with dementia fantastical unlike The manager at Olney coop who called my mum a shoplifter after she forgot to pay .Thank you girls at Wollaston coop for your care given to my mum”

4.2Good13 Reviews

“Fantastic little shop I can get pretty much get everything I need from here, can get a little busy but most of the time the line gos pretty fast. Staff are nice and will help if you need anything.”

3.8Good38 Reviews
3.9Good12 Reviews
3.5Good13 Reviews

“Good store - I always find it tidy and friendly. I work at an express store in Kett - we can't serve at the till after about 9:30 because they are closed down in order to do a cash count :D”

3.5Good27 Reviews

“Best Tesco’s in Northants, staff are very friendly and always willing to help..! Open till 11pm Which is always handy and the shelf’s are always full and never out of stock..! Prices are good and using a club card can save a lot of money if you shop there regularly ..! Plus you can spend on ur card one every you have enough points..! Again A+ staff always willing to help :-)”

3.5Good37 Reviews

“Best prices for petrol and diesel locally. Small shop inside the kiosk selling essential groceries, magazines, newspapers and car items. Jet wash also available. Helpful staff and nectar points! One way system in operation to get in and out of the kiosk, just follow the circles on the floor. You may have to queue at busy times.”

3.3Good15 Reviews

“Always easy to access even in rush hour, enough pumps to handle the amount of cars here so you’re never waiting long and has 24hr Pay at Pump facility unlike some other supermarkets”

3.4Good39 Reviews

“This was a very funny shopping trip, the reason for that being, that the only tiller serving at the time i wend, was clearly annoyed every time a person would go to her till and not the self checkouts, she would tell people joining her queue that they can go to the self checkouts ( in a very stern face), would not engage with the person she was serving, myself and 3 more people i observed her serving, and wouldn't even say thank you at the end, made me chuckle a few times with her behaviour ?”

3.2Average63 Reviews

“I've visited the Morrisons in Wellingborough several times and I do like that the cafe does afternoon teas which is a great value and we've enjoyed this, it's not the best quality but it's nice to have something that fits our budget and makes us feel like we're elsewhere. Morrisons is a well known supermarket and while it is on the pricy side normally, I do like their cafe and that's all I go here for.”

3.1Average89 Reviews

“It is a lovely store. The only thing that seriously let's it down is the stupid car Park layout. It is dangerous in my view. Seems to be designed on a kiddies toy. It needs an out route as well as an in, not in and outbound on one narrow road.”

2.6Average47 Reviews

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