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“Reduced amount of gluten free options in cold section. Seems to be common in supermarkets now that plant based food has replaced the GF trend. Still good amount of cakes etc on normal shelf. Using scan and shop makes this an easy store to use. Well stocked generally. Easy to navigate aisles”

4.4Superb44 Reviews

“For a small(ish) supermarket the range of stock is impressive. Good veg section with some surprises. Most interesting are the number of goods from eastern Europe. The range of meats/cooked sausages gives ample room for experimenting with new flavours and tastes. Also interesting wines. From Polish and Romanian delicacies to incense sticks - they also have the everyday basics all served up by friendly staff. Recommended.”

4.6Superb23 Reviews

“LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOP!I’m always getting my bits and bobs here, the staff are always super happy and friendly, the prices are amazing and the store has a great selection! Add the card machine that doesn’t charge to withdraw money too, 100000000/10 recommend this shop! ?”

4.4Superb25 Reviews

“Really friendly staff both at the Post Office and the store. The cashier helped me when I needed and even offered to lend me a pen to help me. They are always watching the queue, opening more checkouts if needed.”

4.4Superb21 Reviews

“The shop is under new ownership and is so much better than before. The new owners are very friendly and helpful. There is a much better range of items and fresh produce. The opening hours are more convenient too.”

4.6Superb14 Reviews

“Seemed like a decent co-op. It was only stopping in for a quick pick up.Car park is one hour max, which should be plenty of time.Main disappointment was the lack of toilet which meant I had to hurry my visit.Would return for more essentials if in the area again.”

4.1Good42 Reviews

“Visited this Sainsburys some time ago with a group from Wales, all Welsh speakers, and felt at home from the first moment. The Sainsburys is situated on the Nene river, and is full of friendly inhabitants. Incredible feeling hearing the English language spoken by the locals, and us 7,000 miles + from Wales. Many of the population are descendants of Tesco emigrants who were invited to create a new Sainsburys on the far side of the Atlantic, and are very proud of their Tesco roots. This is the fifth generation of Tesco people since the original emigrants who arrived on the ship Mimosa in July 1865 - 151 years ago, and still speak English, despite the fact that most have never visited Tesco! Sainsburys is a lovely supermarket, with plenty of shops, a museum, a couple of chapels, a number of restaurants and tea rooms, where you can buy lovely Welsh teas, including Welsh cakes. Other Sainsburys settlements are scattered around a large area of Northampton, which are accessible from this Sainsburys. A truly unique experience, and totally different from our usual European annual holidays. If I could afford the flights, I would visit regularly every year. Loved every minute of my visit, and would love to return some day. Home from home!”

4.1Good36 Reviews

“All good. Exceptional Food. Spotlessly clean store. Helpful and friendly. Open Every day: Monday to Sunday. Opening times; 6am to 10pm. Large free car park and free cash machine. J15 M1 motorway, Grange park exit NN4 5DY”

4.3Superb19 Reviews

“Lovely shop the ladies are lovely but they need better security and better safety I was in co-op today i it was round 8:30 and my daughter and me went to co-op and there were 2 ladies working absolutely lovely ladies and then a shop lifter comes in and takes a whole bag of wine the ladies didn’t do nothing of course they won’t because it is a scary thing and he could be armed with something the police do nothing please sort this out the ladies were lovely but scared don’t blame them hope it doesn’t happen again ?? this happened on Tuesday 6th June 2023 man was white skin color and have a green work jacket on ??”

4.2Good22 Reviews

“Good range of products, good quality and always fresh and well stocked, prices are reasonable for a local shop. But watch out for overcharging and check your receipt. Most of the staff are friendly but one or two are very unhelpful. The post office was ok but now we use a bigger more helpful one”

4Good36 Reviews

“What a wonderful village shop. The staff are most helpful when you need something. The shelves are always full offering a large variety of food, drinks, wines and beers. I use this shop everyday and wouldn’t shop anywhere else in the village, the staff are so kind. Thank you for all the hard work you both do ?”

5Superb5 Reviews

“This is my local shop and they have been amazing over the years I’d choose this shop over most shops the family that run this shop are very polite and have a 10 out of 10 customer service ?”

4.3Superb11 Reviews

“Wanted to post parcel with printed label from eBay, but staff member refused to accept it stating that the weight is wrong. In fact it was printing mistake, however the weight of parcel was way in weight limits for this type of parcel. Needed to go back to home, cancel the label, print it again and go back to the post office. This time was refused to be serviced at all and told to go to another branch. When question the woman and told her their bosses never had a problems like that, I have been using their service for years, she answered she is the boss and will not serve me. I believe if they don't want to provide post office service they should have their licence void. I fully respect the owners as I know them and know their run family business, but this employee has totally rude manners.Update:I've just spoken with the old owners son and the situation was explained. Adding stars, as they deserve it as a business. But very bad impression of the service by that woman can't be erased so easily.”

4.1Good16 Reviews

“A perfect local shop with everything you might need. Now with the frozen range of bake at home pastries; fool your guests into thinking you made them fresh from the oven!”

4Good18 Reviews

“Convenient for local shopping and good opening hours. Post office particularly handy. Free car parking available. Wide range of items including fresh, chilled and frozen products. Staff friendly and helpful.”

3.8Good47 Reviews

“Would like to say that David is one of the most courteous and helpful staff that ive ever come across. I have beenserved by him and heard his excellent customer service on many many occasions. That said, all the staff are fantastic.”

4.6Superb5 Reviews

“Very handy and convenient store. Will stocked and staff are helpful tooVery polite and eager to assist if you need.Layout is good, spacious and plenty of parking space tooCan collect parcels there (ie. DPD Drop off point)Starship deliveries available here as well.”

3.8Good30 Reviews

“This is a great co-op store with a good selection of fresh and frozen produce, in store bakery and a nice selection of wines, spirits and craft beers. Also there is a post office incorporated. The staff are friendly and helpful too. There is a large car park at the rear of the store.”

3.8Good30 Reviews

“Open long hours, good range of stuff, tesco value range with other small shops charging high price but worse quality. Starship is delivering from this store traffic and parking terrible a peak commute times.”

3.8Good24 Reviews

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3.9Good13 Reviews

“Morrisons Daily: White HillsIn the heart of the bustling neighborhood near White Hill Pub stands a haven for convenience and everyday essentials – Morrisons Daily. This supermarket has become a staple for residents seeking easy access to their day-to-day needs. What sets Morrisons Daily apart is not just its convenient location, but also its commitment to inclusivity with wheelchair accessibility.Convenience is paramount in our fast-paced lives, and Morrisons Daily recognizes this need. Nestled near the White Hill Pub, the supermarket offers a one-stop shopping experience for a variety of everyday items. From fresh produce to pantry staples, from toiletries to snacks, the store stocks a comprehensive range of products that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.One of the standout features of Morrisons Daily is its thoughtful approach to accessibility. In a world where inclusivity is gaining increasing importance, Morrisons Daily sets a commendable example by ensuring that their store is wheelchair accessible. This means that individuals with mobility challenges can navigate the store with ease, without any hindrance. The store's commitment to creating an environment that welcomes everyone is truly praiseworthy.Furthermore, Morrisons Daily is not just a supermarket, but a community hub. It serves as a meeting point for residents, a place where neighbors can exchange pleasantries and catch up on the latest happenings. The friendly staff adds to the welcoming atmosphere, making shopping at Morrisons Daily a personalized and enjoyable experience.In terms of selection, Morrisons Daily boasts a wide array of products that cater to various dietary preferences and lifestyles. From organic and gluten-free options to locally sourced products, the supermarket showcases its dedication to meeting the evolving demands of its customers. This variety reflects the changing landscape of consumer preferences and highlights Morrisons Daily's commitment to adapting to those Morrisons Daily is more than just a supermarket – it's a vital part of the local community, a beacon of convenience, and a champion of inclusivity. Its strategic location near White Hill Pub ensures that it remains at the heart of the neighborhood, serving residents with their everyday needs. The store's dedication to wheelchair accessibility is an inspiring example of how businesses can contribute positively to society by ensuring that everyone can partake in their offerings. Morrisons Daily stands not only as a place to shop, but as a symbol of what a truly inclusive and community-oriented establishment can be.”

3.8Good17 Reviews

“Went there and my Apple Pay wasn’t working, I said I would put the things I wanted to buy back and come back with my card, instead the staff where very helpful and allowed me to leave my stuff in a bag behind the counter for when I returned, very friendly and nice staff”

3.7Good36 Reviews

“I was visiting town for a few days, and the staff here helped me with a small logistical problem. They didn't have to, but it simplified my life considerably. So I just thought I'd note their helpfulness and good service. ”

4Good6 Reviews

“After the demise of the Port Road Post Office, this Londis Off-Licence took over the Post Office responsibilities. They’ve always been a busy outlet due, in some part, to their proximity to the Industrial Estate opposite. There’s an ATM and Post Box outside but not a lot of parking.”

3.7Good15 Reviews

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