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“I love this local store, it has a great selection of grocery & household items. Customer Service is excellent and they sell a 3 pack of beefy tomatoes that small and taste as good as from a farmers market.”

4.8Superb8 Reviews

“I was in here on Tues when an older gentleman felt lightheaded, the staff were excellent. The girl who helped him, got him a chair & went round getting his shopping for him. Was really pleased to see how caring they were.”

3.9Good25 Reviews

“This Sainsbury’s has a steam train in the car park. This Sainsbury’s in not the largest of them all. The range may be slightly smaller for some items. They share the car park with Lidl and the Spa Valley Railway”

3.7Good93 Reviews

“M&S is always good but the access to the retail park is a pain. The store could use more food space but it's got a good homeware range too. Staff are always lovely.”

3.7Good30 Reviews

“For the size of it, it's got lots of good food as well as lots of clothing. Ground floor is men's and food. First floor is women's etc. Plant based food is now stocked too which is a winner!”

3.7Good23 Reviews

“Love popping in here! The staff are the friendliest and most helpful convenience shop staff I’ve known. Great selection of produce, as well as great chats with the owner and staff. Thanks guys!”

3.6Good10 Reviews

“Convenient shop in the Town Centre. Prices are sometimes a little higher due to it being an express store but still reasonable on a lot of products. Always found the staff very friendly and helpful as well as the management. Shop here regularly and in general a pleasant store to shop in”

3.5Good41 Reviews

“Mostly cheap and usually cheerful, best point I'll say is I am always in and out pretty quickly. Staff are good at their job and most of the time it's a relaxed and easy trip.”

3.5Good45 Reviews

“9 out of 10 of the staff are excellent, and sometimes the queues are a bit long if you are there in peak times, aside that its a very handy shop. More recently sometimes products are a bit low but its only when they are due a delivery. This is my local store and they do usually go the extra mile. Like when I asked if they had a product in the delivery because the shelf was empty, they went out the back and got it out the delivery crate for me. I appreciate that.”

3.4Good24 Reviews

“Always easy to find products, especially helpful staff to guide you to products ,helpful so much more when you are needing help . Check out staff very polite in helping pack products also very pleasant in their mannerisms.”

3.3Good14 Reviews

“Always handy for basics, with a good range of fresh food. Even if I can't fund exactly what I wanted there's usually a substitute available. I find the layout confusing and the checkouts are cramped. The staff are friendly and helpful, however.”

3.2Average30 Reviews

“The staff are mainly friendly and will assist. The older the better, the youngsters are bit lazy. The staff on the self service tills are really helpful and chatty.”

2.8Average61 Reviews

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