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“Have used Timpsons in Willenhall Morrisons b4, had an old watch with small inner dial that had come off was fixed on a Monday for free broke again 3 days later took it back asked if there was anything they could do, The guy that works there Jarrod not only fixed it but used his knowledge and this time fixed the issue issue permanently using his experience and knowledge, I also needed an A4 photo printing from my phone,he helped me through the stages step by step showing great patience and understanding This guy is the absolute definition of of customer service knowledge understanding off a customer not knowing or understanding the technology of transferring an image from phone to the machine. He should be promoted to the head of training for Timpsons in how to help and how to deal with customers like myself. On the strength of his superb customer service skills I also purchased 2 new house keys with the union union flag on them which I had no intention of buying. 10/10 on every aspect of his job.”

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