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“Since their slight renovation, I'm not sure whether it's easier or harder to find products - perhaps a bit of both. Prices are relatively cheap but I suggest price matching with other stores. Can get crowded since there are generally 1 or 2 tills being operated whenever I have shopped here.”

4.3Superb50 Reviews

“This store is first class if your a celiac. The Gluten free range is really good. The M\\u0026S bread makes great sandwiches \\u0026 toast. The chillier cabinet has fish in breadcrumbs \\u0026 the chicken steaks in breadcrumbs are fantastic. I also love the gluten free pork pie \\u0026 sausage rolls. M\\u0026S do the best Gluten free sandwiches \\u0026 this store usually has the full range of GF sandwiches \\u0026 raps”

4.4Superb20 Reviews

“Really friendly and helpful staff, especially at the self checkout which, in my opinion, is far too sensitive but the staff react quickly to make sure you get through speedily. Only four stars as I do find you pay a little extra on some products.”

3.8Good43 Reviews

“Open until 11pm 7 days a week with plenty of free parking. Great for fresh food, baked goods and general everyday products. Sells lottery tickets, fresh flowers, greetings cards, newspapers, magazines, seasonal goods, scratchcards, alcohol and tobacco products. Has external cashpoint and takeout Costa coffee self-service machine.”

2.9Average24 Reviews

“Love to go to the cafe there. Their main mea is 50% off after 3 o clock. CS is alright. The ladies are friendly. I understand sometime the queue is long, as during lunch time it almost got a full house. The ladies are too busy , taking orders, making and passing food.It seems the Till system could go down at times, so it takes 10 minutes to reboot and begin to take orders again. Hope the management team can look into it.My go-to place for groceries. I hope they can make Gardening a permanent section.”

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