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“Brand new Poundland in Oak's Centre, Dungannon. I absolutely love this store, it has the Pep & Co home and clothing range. There are household and food products. There is also chilled fridges which stock everything from pizza to milk and ice cream. Well worth a visit!!!”

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“Don't shop here often cause when I do I overspend. They have a good variety of things including yarn which is my weakness. Haven't met a worker there yet who hasn't been polite and they always serve with a smile and a bit of banter”

4.3Superb33 Reviews

“Most items in this shop are well priced.... stock changes...can be a choice of whatever they have on day you visit......and I have always found staff very helpful.”

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“I rate the markers 5/5 very nice colours, my favourite colour is yellow cuz it’s definitely the brightest, yellow just like the sun, but another colour i would give 5/5 to is the blue it’s very nice too, u get 10 markers all very good but brown would be my least favourite marker I only give it 2/5, I love using my markers. All in all very good.”

4.2Good15 Reviews

“Love this place, staff are really friendly but you can go in for one thing then come out with a complete random assortment of things that you don't really need but want for some reason.”

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