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“They have introduced fresh and frozen cabinets, they are cheap and quality according to reviews on the YouTube. I'm out of fridge/freezer space small little thing), but I will go there and give it a bash.”

4.3Superb46 Reviews

“I could've spent a fortune!! I found it better than the one in Wellingborough by Tescos even though it's a smaller store. My only fault was that I bought breakable items and there was nothing to wrap them in. Will definitely be going back.”

4.2Good43 Reviews

“It is always a pleasure to visit the Salvation Army on the charity shop trek, very friendly and cheerful staff. A good selection of new and used CDs and Blu-Ray films. And best of all, great prices. See you again soon ?”

4.3Superb19 Reviews

“Generally a good choice for variety and keen prices , the most annoying thing is when at checkouts they always try for add on salesstatung wonderful special price perfumes(but they never are)”

4.2Good21 Reviews

“Kettering Retail Park. The biggest, brightest, nicest B&M I have visited. Only went in for oven liners but I could have spent hours wandering around this huge store. Everything you could ever need and more.”

4.1Good56 Reviews

“An excellent discount shop for books, crafts, art supplies and more. The Works makes craft a cheaper hobby to follow along with all sorts of wonderful items. Worth a visit to check it out, especially as it us approaching Christmas.”

4.1Good16 Reviews

“Lots of things to choose. A good variety of almost everything you could want. Could do most if not all of a weekly shop here. You do get what you pay for. Sometimes don tvlast long or wash well. You can also pick up some things you have searched for but couldn't find. Often don't have the same items regularly so if you know you need a certain amount i e for a party best to stock up”

3.6Good5 Reviews

“Great selection for value xmas decorations. Noticing more often many items creeping up in price. Less like a pound shop anymore. Brilliant service and value still remains.”

3.7Good28 Reviews

“This place has a lovely atmosphere and is a great workspace with loads of really friendly co workers. They are the most welcoming people i have ever met. I would definitely recommend coming to visit the store,you wouldn't regret it ?”

3.4Good29 Reviews

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