Grocery Stores in Thetford, Norfolk

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“Nice little store'Actually has most things Pet and bird food 'Bread 'milk 'papers' sweets toiletries ' Alcohol ' soft drinks And so much more ?”

4.6Superb24 Reviews

“Normal Iceland stock although is a little more expensive on some things than the main Iceland store in town. Sometimes have to be careful when they are shelf stacking as they leave boxes and trollies everywhere.”

4.4Superb28 Reviews

“Shop here almost daily and find it to be a good place to food shop, friendly staff for the most part, and reasonable prices which unfortunately due to the current climate are now beginning to increase, overall a nice place to food shop.”

4.3Superb54 Reviews

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4.2Good14 Reviews

“The Aldis in Thetford is very big, and it's got a little of everything you could need in a weekly shop. I do have to admit the fruit and vegetables do not last as long as the other shops however I've found that the meat is great and it lasts long in the freezer.I've applied for a job here once and while I didn't get it, I found the process to be good and I can see that the staff do a lot of work behind the scenes. It's remarkable and they certainly deserve more credit than the public give them,”

4.1Good75 Reviews

“The Lidls in Thetford is lovely, it's a decent size, and I've enjoyed shopping here and getting to try new things. The shop also has a nice bakery place that does wonderful pastries. There's plenty of parking and it's easy to access for both public transportation and walking distance to the town centre.”

4.1Good66 Reviews

“Not the biggest store but has enough variety to be able to do a big shop in. The store is clean, tidy and well lit inside. Many daily bargins to be had. The staff are all happy, cheerful and willing to help with anything. home deliveries are prompt and drivers always ready to help beyond the front door.”

4.1Good23 Reviews

“This is a small Tesco Express however it has a great selection of food that is more suited for on-the-go. There's a great meal deal selection and anytime I was in Thetford this was a good place to go and get my lunch. I have found the queue to be a little excessive and there's not much parking outside but otherwise a solid place.”

3.9Good20 Reviews

“Easy parking, helpful staff and fuel available on site. Hand car wash is also available if you don't fancy the auto car wash. Drop site and cash points also on site.”

3.7Good61 Reviews

“Good Sainsbury's.Large store with all the usual groceries and frozen food elements you'd expect from a large super market, along with a full section of men and women's clothing, kids clothes, shoes, a small selection of toys, stationery books and household items.The only draw drawback is the location. It's certainly not a casual drop in and shop type of place, being located on a busy dual carriage way in the middle of a forest.”

3.7Good91 Reviews

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