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“I would have given 5 stars but I had booked it in for a certain time & wasn't done for an hour after, causing me an inconvenience! However I felt my bike had been given a good check & happy to book the work in to get done by them..”

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“I love this shop! Not only because they're very well stocked and the staff are very helpfull, polite but also because it's only a stone throw from my home! Can't get much better than that, can you?!”

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“I remember coming into Peacocks in Thetford when I had to attend a last minute wedding and I needed to buy black trousers and it was quite late in the day but I managed to come in here and get the trousers I needed. The staff were lovely however I do have to comment that this isn't exactly plus sized friendly and it's often a struggle to find something that fits. The trousers did fit me yes but it took a while to find the specific size, I think had I bought it online and had it done click and collect then it'd be much easier, lesson learnt!”

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“Gee you must have got the wrong day!!!! Everyone I have ever met has been really courteous and well minded please don't forget they are all volunteer's how about you helping out instead of shafting them”

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