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“Fantastic service in the petrol crisis, the cashier answered the phone quickly and advised that they had petrol at the time of calling, and was very helpful when we paid for the petrol, thank you very much.We would definitely use this garage again.”

3.9Good30 Reviews

“At the time is was the cheapest in the area. It is a few miles away from us so making a special trip just to fill up would not have saved us much, if anything. But as we were coming back from the cost and were passing it made sense to stop and fill up. Shows how the independent stations can sell at prices about 5p a litre cheaper than the supermarkets in Sevenoaks. We'll done.”

3.8Good28 Reviews
3.8Good28 Reviews

“I been to Sainsbury’s Petrol station to get my car a car wash because it got very dirty and needed a wash I like how well the car wash can wash all the carsYour petrol station and car wash are amazing”

3.8Good12 Reviews

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3.5Good13 Reviews
2.6Average14 Reviews
2Poor7 Reviews

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