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“My two Shell stations, this one and the one up the road with a Little Waitrose. I love this one because like the other Shell, the price is a good stable price (£149 for ages when BP and others are from £151 upwards). The staff are fab; when I stop off on the way home, its usually late, I've been stuck in the notorious A20 box junction traffic melee, can't wait to get home, and, the warmth and friendliness of the staff just notch up the beginning of my unwinding mood. My drive from there is always pleasant. I also buy my lottery tickets from there and I often feel like the staff mean it, when I'm wished good luck. Real nice easy drive off the forecourt onto the road. Thanks guys...I really appreciate it.”

4.2Good23 Reviews

“Good Shell Garage with lots of selection in-store, almost its own sweet shop - can be on the pricier side as most garages are but plenty of deals available on certain items, quite handy and convenient.Cash Machine, Car Wash, Evri, Ebay and Amazon collection points available.Open till 10pm”

3.8Good23 Reviews
2.8Average28 Reviews

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