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“Local convenience store located at Barton shops, much better than tescos metro next door, wider range and more fresh food offerings, lifts of deals and friendly staff”

4.5Superb12 Reviews

“For the size of the store it's full of great buys .. there's never a major que when I go and whenever there is the staff are rapid at serving so it's not an issue.. free parking on site to the left of the store”

4.2Good68 Reviews

“Good supermarket despite its small size. It sold good products at reasonable prices. I used to shop here when living in Torquay several years ago. It was the first supermarket I visited when moving to Torquay.”

4.2Good36 Reviews

“I went in to the post office to ask for some help as a letter that I had sent abroad many months ago had gone missing according to the person I was sending it to. I had no record of the tracking number given the amount of time that passed. Penny and Roy were incredible as rather than simply saying that they were unable to help, they spent a huge amount of time going through the paper records of all of the registered letter sent last year to help find the tracking number for the letter I sent. This is a level of customer service of the highest order and I am very grateful.”

4.3Superb13 Reviews

“This Sainsburies is at The Willows out of town shopping centre, Torquay. Parking is easy and there is some dedicated for disabled people near the store entrance. Everything is on a level and the signage in store very easy.We bought all our shopping then went to the cafe which had what we needed with comfortable covers, some sit up to, others sitting in softer chairs with a lower table. I saw a lady there in her wheelchair and she easily made herself comfortable.Toilets were clean and overall we had a good experience, thank you to the staff who were courteous and personable.”

4.1Good72 Reviews

“I shop here all the time, it's very well stocked and staffed. Very friendly atmosphere, great customer service. Difficult to park unfortunately, don't stay long on the road outside, they will give you a ticket. Cheaper than Coop next door and not much difference in quality in my opinion.”

4.1Good19 Reviews

“It's a typical Iceland shop lol, everything you'd usually expect...but I must say that all staff I've ever encountered there are proper friendly people, so, even though there ain't any other frozen food merchants in town pmsl, I do enjoy buying stuff in 'smiley' Iceland!?”

4Good47 Reviews

“Excellent service, friendly helpful, and great drivers plus fantastic help and friendly service on the reception telephone service thank you ,can't fault this taxi service at all thank you .”

4Good71 Reviews

“A great store. Good staff and wide range of produce. The only thing that lets it down is when you go in for a last-minute shop at 1015 and trolleys are stacked everywhere blocking items you need. I normally move them and crack on. But we're not all able to move them and crack on.”

3.9Good27 Reviews

“Convenient little Tesco with free parking just outside the shopping centre.It has all the usual items you would expect - and some I haven't seen in the larger stores.”

3.9Good36 Reviews

“Bigger Coop, slightly confused by the layout as a result, but friendly staff to help. Parking inmmediatley outside usually available, so ideak for the disabled, also the bigger weekly shop.”

3.9Good51 Reviews

“"TESCO EXPRESS"..Every Day Merchandise is costing more with certain items rising by upto 65% in six months..Budget Price Cheese Cakes are not available any more, but you can get them at Lidl..Budget Price Hot Cross Buns are not available any more, but you can get them at Tesco up the road..All in all this store offers the variety of merchandise that Tesco want to sell in Torquay..Being open to 23:00 hrs commands the shopper to buy here..Alcohol is regularly promoted near till check outs, most of which are 'card only' during the evening hours..Heavy discounts are available on a Tesco Club Card, buy two discounts etc, (buy two save £1:30 etc.)..Internet reports that a family shop now costs up to £500.00 more with prices rising daily.."TESCO EXPRESS"..TORQUAY needs a TESCO SUPERMARKET that offers Lidl, Iceland, Aldi Prices + quality merchandise..”

3.9Good51 Reviews

“This is one of the smaller tescos so don't go expecting to do your monthly shop. It has all your essentials though. Small car park possibility you may have to wait for a parking spot. They do have security here and they have an ATM as well. It's good to just pop in for bread and milk. They do also have alcohol and mixers.”

3.7Good33 Reviews

“Didn't have a bad experience with staff really helpful while at tills ..shelves were grubby .. a tin of beans opened on the shelf which was dried up sauce round the lid ..which I tried to get staff attention .. and no one took it”

3.7Good72 Reviews

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