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“I do like going into Aldi , but I thought I should make the shop aware that this evening around 6 ish I got a larger ( I was born in 2004 so legal age ) but I really don’t look like I’m 18 and I’m constantly asked for ID in other shops ( even some out my ID put under verification scanners ) . I was not asked for my ID by this girl/lady with I think she had black hair and when I tried to explain to her that she had chance of loosing her job for not IDying me she quickly said my total amount in a rude way which I was very confused on . I do take this as compliment but I’m very often mistaken as a 14 year old , just don’t want this lady to loose her job or the store to be fined a big amount of money if one day she accidentally does sell to someone under 18 due to the challenge 25 law/ policy”

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“Great place,we have never found the staff aggressive, but we only use the facilities if we've purchased from can't blame the staff if there are users and abusers taking the mick...keep up the good work and coffeé..”

4.2Good18 Reviews

“Perfectly adequate. Good selection - could have more staff on checkouts and no customer toilet as far as I can see however there are toilets opposite the carpark, outside by the camel trail”

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“The cafe serves one of the nicest blends of coffee to be had in the town and at possibly the cheapest price. I can recommend the pasties and sausage rolls which can be served hot or cold as preferred.”

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“Really very impressive local store. All the basics available with some nice local specials added - fresh pasties, good local meats, bakery and lots of veg and salads. Even able to get some of the ‘less essentials’ such as throw away plates and cups. Only minor observation is that the wines are a little over priced. But there’s lots to chose from ranging from £10 - £25 range.”

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“The Tesco situated just off the main road well signed. Lot's of parking room small filling station. The store is large lots of room for shopping, cloths stationery all the food items you may need, even mobile phones. great store to shop in great products, great staff. Recommended. Wheelchair accessible. Give it 5.”

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