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“Great place to shop. But as a disabled person, my concern is with the newly painted lines, as where they cross they've caused lumps that i tripped on. If Aldi are responsible for the carpark, I'd suggest they look at this. As you know, the saying, where there's blame , there's a claim.. I am, by the way, talking about the Bretton shop..”

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“One of my favourite Co-Op stores in United Kingdom. It has exactly what I need. Never an issue to park here. You do have to watch out for pedestrians and be careful as a pedestrian especially if you are crossing from the opposite side when you visit Co-Op.The staff are friendly and helpful. It is a busy place, so you will usually see them putting stock on shelves and checking customers out.A decent variety of chocolates and crisps are available here, there is a limited amount of vegetables. It’s likely you can find the usual ones here.Some of the food here like Vintage Mac n Cheese has become a favourite and we don’t have many weekends that go by without it.”

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“Good all round convenience store. Could do with being open longer hours. Good helpful staff, most convenience foods, sells mostly alcohol and soft drinks/snacks. Parking is a bit of a nightmare at busy times”

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“Excellent value for money. Staff are helpful and have good knowledge of store products and where to find items. Queue tills are usually short and staff open more tills swiftly if a queue does form. Products are of good quality and have seen no out of date produce.”

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“Good stock but you really need to update your opening times! That's the second time I've turned up 40mins before you close and you're shut. Opening until 9pm on sat needs changing.”

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“I love going to Iceland, there's such a lot to choose from.Excellent selection of fish dishes but there's an excellent selection of everything.Snacks, ready meals, pizzas, meat, fish or veg Iceland has it all, and the best luxury Christmas Pudding I have tasted.You won't be disappointed, there's no need to go anywhere else.”

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“Good selection of items, usually the other express store I go to due to the distance from my house. They have a good variety of items and I am usually able to find something similar even if I can not find the exact item. The opening timings are quite helpful as well.”

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“This store is located near to Mayor's walk road. Similar to other supermarket stores like Asda or aldi. I liked the bread items that are really good here. You won't find Asian foods comparatively what you can find in Asda. But overall a good experience.”

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“For a small shop there was plenty of room to get chair round. The larger supermarkets and shops could learn something from these.YThe young lad came to help unlock the doors so could get chair in. Staff were really pleasant.”

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“We called in for some essentials whilst on a self catering holiday at the nearby Landal Rockingham Forest. The store was well stocked and the prices reasonable for a small village store. The staff were very friendly and helpful.”

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“Well what can I say ,well worth a trip. As well as frozen foods you can get fresh food got a real good bargain here the other day aswell . From there Christmas stock ,there is still alot left aswell.”

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“I had the best experience ever. Thank you Aldi staff. Long story short,I had a surgery 5 weeks ago and I am still not allowed to lift anything more than 2lb . I have been forced to go shopping because I don't have any one who would do it for me in next couple days. When I went to the till I kindly asked person in the till if he would help me out to unload my basket. There was no hesitation he stud up and done it. And even made sure that bags where loaded in to my car. Thank you so much ❤️”

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“Good quality and variety. Have petrol station with car wash (must the days car wash are closed).Big and free car park available. Delivery place on site.Overpriced place like all Sainsburys.”

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“A good supermarket . We live locally and use it regularly. Pleased it has survived the arrival of Llidl . Helpful and efficient staff . Great selection of bottled beer . Recommended .”

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“A typical local shop selling pretty much everything you could expect. They are open at convienient hours 7 days a week and they also take all major cards as well as cash. It has a small car park to the front of the building. It sells everything from papers to tabacco and alcohol, sweets to bread and milk.”

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“I'm using Sainsbury more and more lately having tired of Morrisons [although their bakery is really good] they seem to have better products and much better prices! I did struggle to get the eggs I wanted but that's a general issue across them all right now, otherwise its ALL full shelves and really easy access and parking”

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“Around the corner from, and a little bit before you reach the Tesco store.Good prices on average. You can pay at the pump or in the kiosk/shop and the staff are always polite and friendly. You can earn Tesco points tooOh, and they also offer the cheapest air and water pumps around. 50p a vend that goes on for a decent amount of time.”

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“Recent expansion of self checkout at the expense of manned tills will not please everyone. New self checkout units struggle to scan money off vouchers on phones.”

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“Apparently Google said I visited this place although I didn't. I was parked across the road visiting patients. All I can say is the automatic doors work as people were going in and out.”

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“Purchased bags of decorative stones today with clubcard offer.Amy went above and beyond to help us, (wo)manually handling the bags as my husband had a shoulder injury.Thank you, you were brilliant”

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“Deli counter food is amazing. It's fresh, tasty and prices are good. You can get freshly made salad, sandwiches, breakfast, lasagna.. .. you name it. Loved it :)”

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“I'm relieved that M&S is still operating in the city centre after several stores closed. Every time I visit the centre, I stop by M&S. I enjoy shopping there. Their foodl is well-presented and of high quality.”

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“Extremely well run store, staff are very amenable, allow mobility scooter accessIsles are wide and easy to Manoeuvre round whether on foot or scooter or mobility wheelchair. Situated next to a cash point machine. Also on corner adjacent to shop is the Plough man Public House.”

3.6Good25 Reviews

“Small M&S store within the services. Limited choice, as expected for a small shop, but they had all I needed. Automatic tills were a breeze and there was no queue. Probably a bit pricier than an ordinary store, but not excessive so”

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“Good if you live local. Been a lot of times because I live up the road. The selection has definitely improved. The only thing that gets on my nerves is the random children crying their heads off at the tills.Overall lovely and tidy if you get there the right time.”

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“Great little convenience store. Just off the main road and always have the little bits you need. They are more expensive than a larger store but if you need a few bits it's worth the extra for the convenience.”

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“Popped in for a few bits, but came out with a lot more bargains. What really impressed .e was the young guy at the till, called Ali. What a charming pleasant lad. A credit to this store.”

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“I and my colleagues work on behalf of a contractor for ikea new click & collect service located at tesco werrington.We are located beside of the petrol station forecourt in the main car park operating 6 days a week Monday- Saturday 8am - 10am / 4pm - 6pmPossibly a Sunday but unsure the times.We all here to help you to deliver a first class service where you as a customer don't panick how your goods don't fit in your car.”

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