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“First time I have used this place, will continue to use it while they remain the cheapest fuel station near me. Incidentally the lady behind the counter was friendly.”

4.5Superb43 Reviews

“It's not bad, cheapest derv in Peterborough that I know of. Very limited hours though. Sundays are 9am to 3pm ish. But I can live with that for 3p a litre cheaper.”

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4.7Superb12 Reviews

“We have stopped at this lovely little cafe once or twice before and found it very friendly, clean, with a nice menu. Not too expensive and well presented food. We will definitely be back when passing through.”

4.1Good22 Reviews

“Good place this. I forgot my mask and security said and he also offerd me to buy one for 50p that was quite good. (Some shops charge £1+) always clean and staff are helpful”

4Good33 Reviews

“Best quality fuel in Peterborough\\nNearby petrol station prices\\nBp St John's St\\nUnleaded 164.9\\nSainsburys oxney Road\\nUnleaded 162.9\\nTotal energeries Eastfield\\nUnleaded 163.9”

4.4Superb9 Reviews

“Around the corner from, and a little bit before you reach the Tesco store.Good prices on average. You can pay at the pump or in the kiosk/shop and the staff are always polite and friendly. You can earn Tesco points tooOh, and they also offer the cheapest air and water pumps around. 50p a vend that goes on for a decent amount of time.”

4.1Good15 Reviews

“I really like this ESSO. The fuel is always good here. Sometimes a bit expensive but the drive always feels good after fuelling up from this pump. They have a Hermes drop off point which is amazing and I was not aware of this earlier, as I along with everyone else has had to queue up for my mail in the city. I will definitely be using them more often.Do not use the air pump, it is quite bad. I fed the machine thrice to fill all my four tires. I then went to another pump since the machine seemed faulty. It generally only takes one or two coins for a machine.They also stock my favourite Adblue and Screenwash, so it is always worth a trip.”

3.8Good28 Reviews

“A good place for a quick 'pit stop' on a journey, you can get a quick bite to take away, refuel (not the cheapest fuel prices) there is a toilet and a bit of parking.”

3.6Good44 Reviews

“Pumps are always nice and clean and the canopy and enclosure mean it is a little less cold than many petrol stations. Service is friendly.and you can get nectar points. The shop has a good range of snacks and essentials like milk, alongside a Costa coffee machine.”

3.6Good36 Reviews

“It's a handy location because I can fill up my tank before or after I have done my shopping. The price of the patrol is reasonable. Most of the time, I don't have to wait for too long in line. The cashiers are generally pleasant. I've encountered obnoxious and rude cashiers. When I notice the rude ones, I usually steer clear of them.”

3.6Good26 Reviews

“This place has it all, fuel ⛽ refreshments and plenty to choose from, toilet ? are at the side of the petrol station, sub way take away inside at the back of the store,”

3.6Good22 Reviews

“I always use this station to fill up with petrol and blow the car tyres up, staff are always friendly. The car needed a good wash so I asked if the car wash was working but was told that it was not working due to a part needed that was not available any more, so the car wash won’t be available anymore, just to make people aware. I won’t be paying £20.00 at the Orton centre to have it hand cleaned. I went to the Oundle Services on the A605 and the car wash was only £6.00”

3.7Good7 Reviews

“Awesome Service.Stopped for fuel and something to eat.Bought a pie, got to the car took a bite, and to my horror it was a bit on the dry side. Went back in for a refund, which was okay. Then I asked if I could swap it for something else, the young Indian lady, said of course, please take two and try them here first.. They were delicious.Well done Shell. Well done young lady for saving the day.”

3.5Good21 Reviews

“We went to BP Boongate around 0030 looking for cellotape. They didn't carry any in stock, but they offered us to use the tape they had behind the counter just to help us out. Nothing else was open and they really helped us in a moment of need. We had a lovely conversation with the employees, bought some energy drinks, and went about our night. Thank you!”

3.4Good27 Reviews

Open 24 hours

BP Gas Stations

“Incredibly honest staff. Dropped my wallet at the garage only realising the morning after. They returned it back to me with no fuss or wanting any acknowledgement. Thank you ! Is greatly appreciated.Will continue using the garage to fuel up in the future. Once again Thank You.”

3.2Average5 Reviews
3.3Good16 Reviews

“I just want to write that I do recommend to anyone to work at this place.. Staff is very friendly, Boss and Manager amazing and lovely people. Good quality fuel. ;)”

3.1Average15 Reviews

“Always made to feel important when I visit this place. Friendly happy staff who know what coffee I have and sometimes even have it ready before I get to the counter. The staff have convinced me join the loyalty scheme which I was happy to do after hearing the benefits. Clean and pleasant store wouldn’t go anywhere else”

3.1Average26 Reviews

“At the time of writing we are three to four months into Covid-19 pandemic. Tesco fuel has been amazing and one of the safest places to fill up. The forecourt is huge and the pumps well spaced. Pay at pump means you don't have go indoors to pay. Really good.”

2.9Average23 Reviews

“this is the second cheapest shell petrol station in peterborough and the staff are lovely. the building is nice and open and I have not had to queue for longer than 5 minutes here. they know what they are doing and sometimes have brilliant eals going on inside the shop. i do enjoy shell over other companies and these lot make it much easier to come to them than any other petrol station in peterborough”

2.5Average11 Reviews

“Professional, friendly staff. Good selection of stock. Could use a bigger vegetarian range though, please?Clean and tidy. Helpful staff. Parking and cash machine facilities as standard. Could use a public toilet. Also, watch out for the floor by the fridges. It's been unstable for as long as I can remember. Perhaps there is a problem with getting it fixed, because of pipelines underneath the station. Would have given five if the floor hadn't been such a pain for me, personally ( short and small feet ) and if they had public/disabled toilet.”

2.8Average39 Reviews

“I love refueling at this station, the staff is very nice, it's always clean inside and out ... the quality of the fuel which is important to me is very good, I feel the difference when I fill up with v-power Petrol ...”

2.5Average31 Reviews

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