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“It’s such a delight to have this shop near me where I can buy so many lovely nuts, grains, dried fruit and legumes in as little or big quantities as I need without redundant packaging. I bought almonds the other day which were the freshest and sweetest I had in a very long time.”

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“I want to say a massive thank you to Sarah, who was on duty yesterday (Thursday the 3rd around 11 am), for such amazing customer service! Also, I have to add that the manager on duty was very helpful and found a solution for my little issue quite quickly! Thank you guys for being so professional, going the extra mile, and still providing excellent service with a smile :) PS My friend loved the champagne :)”

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“Easy to find, checkout and delivery. Everything was in package. The bird seed had leaked and the box was wet at the bottom, but apart from that overall happy with service”

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“Typical last minute shop and security man was lovely man allowed us to come in and pick up those last bits. Thank you all and i know you all wanted to go home on time and at least Sunday staff are not rude like normal. ?”

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“It's always busy with not enough tills open. The selection of goods is never enough for a full shop. What is available is usually well priced. The quality of stuff is reasonable for the cost.”

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“The staff are excellent very knowledgeable and always ready to help. The products are good quality. The only negative experience I've had is that everything has moved. I realise that was unavoidable. But I find it frustrating until I get used to it. I can't buy mince as it looks revolting in the new packaging. So I buy from a butcher. I hope they don't bring in food with a substance called apeel on it. And I can't stand Halloween. But that's only temporary. They get 5 stars though because all around it's a great place to shop.”

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“Rarely have to queue to pay, some people still don't use the long hoses to fill up so there can be a wait for the pumps.The shop is well stocked and the hot food section next to the Costa machines are a nice surprise.”

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“Good place to shop, only my second visit but will be visiting more often now. Helpful staff, the young lad on the checkout was so polite and friendly. Well worth the visit.”

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“Considering the situation the world is in currently this store is taking it by the hand and steering it in the right direction. The workers at hand supported us and showed us where all our food is and recommended us the best source of food around. The place is amazingly laid out for covid-19 precautions and everything is all round a amazing shopping experience!”

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“First time since the pandemic I have gone inside Aldi opened in our area. Usually, I would ordinarily do a click-and-collect but they decided to stop doing it there so we would have to click-and-collect at another of their stores which Is a 25-minute drive.The store has changed with the vegetables and other products stored in easy-to-open clear plastic doors. The store is smaller than your average Sainsbury's or Tescos Extra but has everything you need to buy for your weekly shop plus good prices on products that the other stores don't sell. The aisles are a bit narrow so you will need to navigate your way when it's busy with other shoppersThe costs of certain products against other store prices are considerably cheaper but you still need to do your research to make sure that you're getting a good bargain. Their products are just the same if not better than some of the other brands sold in the other stores but at an affordable price. It's always a great feeling seeing your shopping basket or trolley full knowing you've saved money on many of the everyday items that you have bought there.”

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“Reading Zabka is full of interesting and tasty polish food. Every now and then, I enjoy visiting to see what I can buy.Next to the "Mr Cod halfway up Oford Road," it is very accesablw by bus”

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“Discount supermarket, mostly good prices. This one felt a bit messy and untidy compared to others from the same company, but was still ok. Attentive staff at the self checkout (for age checks etc)”

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“Lovely staff - has all you need for when you cant make it to one of the bigger supermarkets. Good selection of Bakery items. Like all Co-ops slightly more expensive but its going to local farmers rather than big conglomerates so thats ok. Once knocked a 6 pack of beer and they exploded everywhere and unlike some shops i have been in where the staff would be licking the ground to cure their hangover - they calmly secured the area so no kids or elderly would step on glass and didnt charge me”

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“The addition of new self-scan tills means this Aldi is now much more convenient for a quick shop. Previously I found the manned tills to be too busy for a quick lunchtime or evening shop and would head into the Morrisons next-door.There is some inconsistency in product stock levels; some items I buy disappear for a few weeks but most do eventually return. Prices are starting to come down having increased significantly over the last 12-18 months.Overall this shop is tidy, has a decent product range and the staff are helpful and efficient.”

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“Family are really friendly and prices are ok and the closes shop to get to rather than the usual Tesco prices so yeah, this is my local so I'll continue to support them”

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“I enjoyed visiting Adi with my son, although at the time I visited, there wasn't too much fresh food left, but saying that there was still a good choice, there wasn't too much queueing at the checkout so happy days ?”

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“I want to recommend Abike Sagna who works in this store. He went out of his way to go above and beyond, he helped without being asked and made my experience in the shop excellent - phenomenal customer service, a credit to the M&S brand. Thank you Abike.”

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“These days it is hard to find a garage that keeps it's forecourt clean. Elmer Green never disappoints as I feel safe rocking up to the pumps with my bike knowing there won't be any diesel spills to slip up on. Reasonable price for petrol given the current market and a shop full of goodies to help my waistband grow.”

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“Quite a few empty shelves (blueberries, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes), so had to go to Tesco local as well as Sainsbury's to get the items I needed. Visited Tuesday lunchtime.”

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“Love this little store. It has everything you need food and drink wise. Also has a Post Office inside so yes very recomendeble. Situated on the main Rd of Spencers Wood.”

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“Consistently best atmosphere and staff out of all the co-ops in the area. Good speedy service. Parking always full no matter how many people in the shops. Best to park on the main road or walk.”

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“Well maintained, airy store.Plenty of helpful and polite staff.May seem relatively expensive, but the quality of the counter goods, means we have negligible food waste.Nice café.”

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“Best place for getting your food shopping done. Staff is generally friendly and always helpful. There is a good variety of products in store, some of which are far superior in quality to both what their prices would let you expect and to other market-leading alternatives.What could make it even better? Well, there is no air-conditioning in this store (as opposed to the Portland store, which has got it). That said, there is no real need, is there? given the non-existent summer we're getting.What would really make the difference would be to restock the items that run out on the shelves, right on the day. I don't know if this is even possible though, I'm not sure I've even seen any supermarket doing it.Recommended.”

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“NO COFFEE MACHINE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICELuckily the GeoCafé is 2mins walk away.Great staff, really good local store and, because the local chains have increased their prices so much, it has become cheaper for many products.”

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“This co-op is amazing, staff are so friendly and helpful. As a Community staff nurse working in the area during this horrible time, the staff have gone out of their way to assist in any way they can and they always have a smile on their face.Highly recommend!!!”

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“Good selection for a medium sized supermarket & lots of luxury high end food & drink products, however more expensive than most shops, though they have some budget products. Staff are all friendly & helpful. Nice and handy but not the place to do a main food shop”

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