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“BP service station located on Basingstoke Road in 3 Mile Cross. Easy access off M4 Junction 11 southbound towards Basingstoke (first left off A33). This place packs a punch. Multiple fuel pumps. 4 bay jet wash. Budgeons concession with a lot of grocery products. This is a very popular place and an absolute gem. Big queue to pay but it moves fast. They got this right. Recommended.”

4.3Superb31 Reviews

“Near to my home, always handy. Opened 7/7 and till 23:00 on Sundays when big shops close at 16:00. You can pay for fuel 24hrs a day everyday if you hold a bank card (up to £99)”

4.5Superb20 Reviews

“Very helpful staff. General Tesco groceries available from canes, toiletries, flowers and tinned foods. Self checkouts available. Fresh bakery and sandwiches too.”

4.2Good40 Reviews

“unmanned 24 hour petrol station with usually the lowest petrol prices in the area (ignoring costco where you have to be a member). there are call buttons for issues and I assume disabled drivers but not sure what hours these operate.”

4.2Good33 Reviews

“Small friendly petrol station.Not much of anything in the shop but most will only fill up anyway.As it's small it can get busy.It could do with entry/exit signs to help with the flow but usually this is not necessary.”

4.4Superb13 Reviews

“These days it is hard to find a garage that keeps it's forecourt clean. Elmer Green never disappoints as I feel safe rocking up to the pumps with my bike knowing there won't be any diesel spills to slip up on. Reasonable price for petrol given the current market and a shop full of goodies to help my waistband grow.”

4Good33 Reviews

“I've not seen the really helpful middle aged asian gentleman who was in the Asda for quite some time. He had fantastic customer skills and always went out of his way to help people. Hope he is doing okay and he will be back at some point. He worked hard and was so organised and polite. I don't know his name. He always spoke to me my wife and my kids and would make them smile. Hopefully he is doing okay for himself.”

4.3Superb13 Reviews

“Really nicely and helpful serwis, always smiles and kindness, maybe that's why I'm there 3 times on a day when I'm around. Great Costa coffee ☕, I would highly recommend.,gorgeous job ?”

4.1Good17 Reviews

“Sainsbury’s is always cheapest in the area even though it is a bit out of the way. Generally fuel up here ahead of a big trip. Pay at pump machines can now read digital wallet Nectar cards as well physical card barcodes.”

3.8Good31 Reviews

“Left something at the till...... Alfie was amazing from the moment I rang to the moment I picked the item up later on in the day!!!! A credit to your store thank you very much chap!!!!!”

3.7Good29 Reviews

“Staff are always friendly and one of the cheaper stations in the area. Also useful that the right hand turns entry and exit have a partition between two busy lanes to make the turns easier.”

3.9Good12 Reviews

“A very convenient and centrally located fuel filling facility with a mini market that usually has bargains almost every day. The free cash machine is on site with a small car park for the customers.”

3.7Good28 Reviews

“This is the large petrol station attached to the Morrisons store off the Basingstoke Road in Reading. Access is pretty easy and the filling up lanes are nice and wide. You can pay by card at the pump or or in the shop. Make sure you select the right pump. There is an area nearby where you can put air in tyres though machine was broken. At time of writing it's one of the cheapest places to fill up.”

3.6Good53 Reviews
3.7Good13 Reviews
3.7Good13 Reviews

“The Staff here are, friendly, polite and always helpful. I've been using the shop daily for the past 14 months. Dhiren, does a very good job he's always welcoming and willing to help. The only inconvenience, has been during delivery times, when the till resets. Other than that, it's always a pleasure to use the services provided. The five stars are for all of the staff.”

3.6Good22 Reviews
4Good4 Reviews

“There is a good variety of snacks on the go for people on lunch breaks as well as the morning rush. Petrol is at an price. Handy place to stop to get some necessities as well including toiletries and dummies, a range of small items.”

4.5Superb2 Reviews

“I left the station in a hurry and failed to notice that my bill was way higher than it should have been, and paying contactless by credit card. Looking at the ticket at home I saw that I had been billed for the wrong pump. I telephoned next morning to see if anything could be done, more in hope than expectation and was delighted to hear that the mistake had been spotted and the cash overpaid could be returned. Many thanks Twyford BP. !”

3.5Good12 Reviews

“I would like to praise your staff-member Nallathamby. He is always polite and pleasant, but today he was dealing with the most obnoxious customer who was standing in front of me. This rude individual was shouting at Nallathamby, accusing him of being discourteous and ranting about his consumer rights, ad nauseam. Nallathamby dealt with it professionally and remained calm and polite throughout. There was no cause for complaint on the part of the customer, he was obviously just an unpleasant person middle-aged man who, judging by his teenage attire, had perhaps just returned from a nightclub or something and was in a bad mood. Credit to Nallathamby for his professionalism and refusal to rise to the bait. He is a credit to your organisation.”

3.4Good12 Reviews

“Fuel costs a bit more than in Thatcham but convenient location along the A4 making it easy to pull into. Despite being on the A4 never seems overly busy. Has a reasonable, if small, selection of food/drinks and sweets inside - all the unhealthy things of course!”

3.3Good10 Reviews

“My local fueling station with convinient store. Long opening hours, good service and friendly helpful staff. Note that the PRIVATE OATLANDS Road is unmade and blocked halfway along, so no through road.”

3.3Good43 Reviews

“If you're after fuel for your vehicle then this isn't a bad place to start. The staff are friendly and it also sells a reasonable amount of those necessities like milk and bread.”

3.1Average12 Reviews

“Chill staff member.I wish we could just go inside like a normals shop after midnight. Quite bothersome to shout back and Forth to the cashier about what we want.”

3.2Average30 Reviews
3.1Average14 Reviews

“The number 1 petrol station in Reading. Staff are very humble and friendly and helpful plus shell fuels are better than BP and Esso. Also nice car wash around the back which is half price tues wed thurs”

3.1Average15 Reviews

“Shell Garage on the Basingstoke Road is a handy pit stop. Just before you join Junction 11 this is the last minute fuel stop before travelling the M4. The station itself was recently fully rebuilt. It has an electric charging point and air machines (tip these are behind the actual shop). Inside there are 3 Costa coffee machines along with a good Jamie’s sandwich selection and hot food counter. There is also a decent selection of beer and wine (extra handy in the middle of the night if you have run out of beer!). Obviously delegated driver only never drink and drive. Nice clean store, large forecourt, parking and coffee and food. Also an Amazon locker and a cash machine. Can’t go wrong really.”

3Average22 Reviews

“Loads of pumps, air con in the shop. Does 97 ron and e5 petrol. Handy for winnersh. Shop prices are high but it is a petrol station. Shop is clean. Quick service from staff.”

2.9Average15 Reviews

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