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“This is a really nice place to get a quick snack or item, it has a good variety of different things you can buy at reasonable prices. This is a place you would come often.”

4.7Superb12 Reviews

“This is a good little store just to pick up some extra items you might be missing out on. It has a fair range of products, but I would advise a little caution when buying the fresh goods as they seem to go off quicker then you would think.”

4.1Good42 Reviews

“A small shop but with a surprisingly large range of products at good prices. The staff are friendly and helpful too. And there is a Post Office at the back of the shop.”

4.7Superb11 Reviews

“Much better selection of all kinds of food, especially vegetarian since moving to the bigger store. Love the self service checkouts. Big alcohol section. Much happier with this version of the store.”

4Good41 Reviews

“I just wanted to mention Richard. He always makes our shopping visit very enjoyable as he interacts with my little boy and makes him laugh. Always polite and kind.”

3.9Good47 Reviews

“Very is a lot of products and a lot of trending things for the little kids of today's generation prices I feel like could be lowered and aisles are very slim staff are not very friendly neither professional but I can still handle this shop being my pop in to get bits and bobs”

4Good25 Reviews

“The Co-op have done a great job throughout the pandemic, sorting out the whole social distancing thing well and only allowing two people in at any time.They've kept very well stocked most times and the staff have been helpful and cheery, as usual. Knowing the Co-op is there in the village and can be relied on has been brilliant at this difficult time.”

4.5Superb6 Reviews

“Nice little convenience store which mostly always has everything I need when I visit. Some good vegan/vegetarian options too, which is good to see in a smaller store.”

3.9Good20 Reviews

“The manager Mr Satsoroopan delivered exceptional service beyond the call of duty by tracing a Royal Mail parcel . He was incredibly kind and Patient . I would definitely recommend having a parcel delivered to Nisa Local , Brickhill Drive , Bedford Mrs A. Andrews”

3.9Good15 Reviews

“The co- op is the hub of our village and has been a godsend during lockdown.The staff are always friendly and helpful.The quality of the goods are alway of a high standard and I can't praise it enough.”

3.9Good15 Reviews

“Popped into Marston Moretaine store and was really happy with the service i received, I didn’t get the cashier name in question and have tried to go online but unfortunately the receipt isn’t clear on details needed ie store and transaction number. But i came in on the 24/07/23 at 12.43 on till 4.She was very helpful and exampled your loyalty card to me. Thank you very much”

3.9Good14 Reviews

“Very helpful lady staff member 6am 01/08. I wanted to collect a package from Evri, the lady checked, saw it wasn't in, checked her details, told me what time Evri deliver. Also, helped me out to find pastry cases. All done with a smile on her face. Have always been kind & helpful towards me. My thanks go to Toby & his team.”

3.7Good28 Reviews
3.8Good15 Reviews

“They have a well stocked shop and also the Wild Bean coffee shop with food too. Good choice of sandwiches, meals,pasta, and wholefoods to temp you. They also a good range of drinks and wine, cakes & puddings plus flowers, ice creams, gifts. Although the prices are slightly higher, it's good quality food.”

3.9Good9 Reviews

“A few years back I used to hate coming to this shop. The staff were so miserable all the time. Having just moved back to Shortstown recently I was pleasantly surprised by how genuinely nice all the staff were.Other than that, it's a shop. It's clean, tidy, and you can buy stuff there.”

3.7Good20 Reviews

“The staff at the store are amazing. My son and I walk over to stretch our legs. He loves running around and loves the attention he gets in the store. Was telling the person at the till that he was getting a lollipop and they handed it to him. Thanks for always making my sons day.”

3.7Good18 Reviews

“Staff are always friendly and cleanliness in the store is always high standard. They always manage to keep the bakery section tidy and available even though the shop is quite small. Very good selection of Halal and vegan/vegetarian options. The service is always prompt and I feel safe in the store.”

3.5Good34 Reviews

“Hi Prasad, Thanks for the review.That's True, there is complete change of ownership with new management. So we are trying to give our best Services to the customers. Hopefully this should increase our footfall..”

3.5Good15 Reviews

“Great village shop, Post Office and Newsagents on the High Street.Surprisingly good range of products covering foods, households, beer & wine, DIY small fittings, stationery and the everyday items you might have to journey for.We've used this shop regularly since we moved here and I can happily recommend it.”

3.7Good3 Reviews

“Staff are friendly. There is a good selection of everyday bits to choose from and a nice selection of alcohol in particular. They do stock lots of items on offer so can find some bargains. Nice little local shop.”

3.4Good36 Reviews

“This is a clean well stocked supermarket. It can be a cheap shop if you look for the shop own brands and special offers. Well worth a trip if in the area and looking to save on your budget. If you are not looking for bargains, it would pay to go elsewhere.”

3.4Good40 Reviews

“Small tesco express store. Great COVID-19 practicing. One in one out when shop is busy. Hand sanitizer and cleaning equipment available near entry and exit of store. Holds a large amount of basic essential items therefore a good one stop shop. Aisles are wide enough for a pram and store is wide enough for good social distancing practices. Good stocks of fresh, fridgated, frozen items. Aswell as snacks, tins, toliettries,alcohol and lottery. Seems slightly more expensive than the larger cardington tesco but I guess your paying for convenience.”

3.3Good33 Reviews

“Excellent little shop! It's surprising how much is stocked, the variety is really good & the fruit & veg is always fresh. The staff are polite & helpful and often go out of their way to help.”

3.3Good35 Reviews

“Always friendly, helpful staff. My only concern is the car park where customers drive far too fast in and out of the car park. After having my car hit by another car I try to park in the road outside.”

3.3Good41 Reviews

“It is a nice little shop with the usual bits and bobs like milk, sweets, crisps, etc. It also has a post office attached to it, so they also have envelopes, packaging, etc. From thr few times I have been there the staff have been friendly enough and accommodating. The best part, however, is that they sell individual Worcester sauce french fries, those things are so hard to find and they are currently selling them for 90p. Grab them.”

2.8Average5 Reviews

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